Birthday Haul! (A little late)


Good Evening Dapperites,

I’m posting this a little late, yes it was my birthday this past Tuesday and so I wanted to share this nice haul I got courtesy of my brothers via I’ve been lusting after some more Pinaud Clubman products for a while. If you don’t know Clubman yet, get with it! They’ve only been around for 207 years. Got their Lime Sec Eau de Cologne, Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic and their shave soap. (which produces a thick rich lather btw). And to try something new I got the Tabac Aftershave balm.

Now Tabac is another classic brand. A German brand launched in 1959 making shave soap, aftershaves, cologne, deodorant etc. A unique scent that harkens back to barbershops of decades past. I love the balm, it soothes the skin and moisturizes after shaving with that rich scent.

Perhaps most unique of the bunch are my disposable kamasori Japanese straight razors (shown in the bottom photo). Japanese straight razors are unique, as they are usually lighter and are a straight 1 piece, and don’t fold like traditional straight razors. And as I also found out the hard way, are sharp as f*%$^! Caught a couple of nice nicks on the cheek. But man are they fun to use, the hair just slices clean off!

Moral of this story is, I just can’t get enough of classic grooming brands and products! Give them a try too, you may just stop buying fancy $60 aftershaves and start smelling like your grandpa or dad did, and not in a bad way!

Until next time my friends,


-The Don






Sacrelige Spotting!

So while out at WalMart over the weekend running errands, I happened to spot this in the men’s section:


Needless to say, this made me figuratively hit the ceiling, and not in a good way!!! Selling extremely cheap and cheesy suspenders that are meant to be clipped onto a belt?? No wonder why there are so many poorly dressed people out there, I mean for pete’s sake, it’s a simple rule, wear a belt? no suspenders for you! Anyways I just thought I would share this to get the shock out of my system, and if I ever see anyone wearing this ridiculous ensemble, well I won’t go that far….

-The Don

It’s That Lovely Time of Year Again! GO CRAZY!!!

Good Day Dapperites!

So mother nature has finally cast her light upon the Montreal area so that means full out summer dapper mode as was on display yesterday:


White jeans (my favorite), blue linen shirt, red linen unstructured blazer, lovely madras belt (all from Brooks Brothers) and the best summer shoes out there, my Riveria Leisure Shoes.

With this lovely weather of course also comes barbecue season!!!


Of course there’s nothing better than a charcoal grill, to hell with the gas ones!!

Enjoy the start of this lovely weather all, don’t be shy, break out your most colorful outfits, have fun with it and sit out on a patio and enjoy a nice cocktail or 2 (or 3 or 4) and a cigar, you’ll be great 😉

The Don

Look of the (Last) Workday

A little bit late to post, but had my last day of work at Brooks Brothers until the fall, a week ago today. Will miss that place this summer! Had to go out in style, here’s what I was rocking:


Custom suit (of course) contact me at for more on that! Brooks Brothers shirt, tie and pocket square to round it out. Adios Brooks Brothers, till we meet again in the fall!

As always, keep it dapper,

The Don 😉

All About that Life (Student Life, that is!)


How my evening went: Studying with my friend Jim. All that is missing is my friend “Cohiba” can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can comfortably sit outside and puff on a nice stogie! Good luck to all fellow students out there in “crunch time” exam season!

Dapper Out!