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Look of the Day!


Eph Apparel custom shirt Ted Baker Endurance Tie Ted Baker Sport Jacket

Word to the wise, pink and blue color combo = always a winner


Looks of the Week!

Good Evening to you Dapperites,

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite looks from the past week, enjoy!



Unstructured half lined patch pocketed sportcoat (my favorite style jacket), blue OCBD, wool/silk tie, grey trousers and of course a punch of red socks)



2 button peak lapel Jack Victor suit, Eph Apparel custom contrast collar shirt, Brooks Brothers bright paisley tie, Tie Bar pocket square and Black/Brown brand cufflinks)


Navy blue Ted Baker SPJ, white Zara shirt, custom Eph Apparel trousers (part of a suit), vintage tie that belonged to my dad, and Chelsea boots to round it out

Have a great weekend,


-The Don

Dapper as EPH: Part 2

Hellooooo again Dapperites,

Earlier today I promised that I would post an update of me wearing my new custom suit, so here it is:


A beautiful custom fit in a loud pattern and a double breast as you can see (can’t forget the flashy green socks as well!)


Complete with the “Rusty Mustache” Tie and Tie Bar I mentioned earlier. You can really see in this shot how wide the lapels are, just how I like em! Wide lapels are definitely in if you’re looking for a bold, European look.


In case you were wondering how cuffed suit pants look, here it is. I just like the retroness of them, I always dress to be different. Like I always say, better to stand out than to blend in!

If anyone is interested in a custom suit or shirt, feel free to contact me: andrewm@ephapparel.com

Till next time, Stay Dapper my Friends 😉

-The Don

Nothing To See Here…Or….?


Hope you’ve all been well. I would just like to share some of my favorite personal looks of mine from the past week and pass along some tips where I see fit. Ready… :

IMG_20150923_161918 IMG_20150923_161952

So we begin with a casual look, chinos, cardigan (fall is in the air!) bright pink shirt to liven up the look and a muted down Italian tie ($2 at a thrift shop) to tie it all in together.


Next is a more casual look, white T-shirt, motorcycle jacket inspired blazer (basically a casual blazer with plenty of silver zippers and timeless blue jeans and a cap to round it out. A real oldschool 1950s inspired rugged outfit.

IMG_20150925_151401 IMG_20150925_155749

Ah, probably my favorite look of the week, my light grey 2 piece suit made into a 3 piece with an off-setting tweed vest with lapels (English inspired) and classic Brooks Brothers white oxford shirt. Style tip alert! adding an off color vest to a suit can really be a nice finishing touch. Topped off with a red silk ancient madder design tie. (Another thrift store find at $3!)


Ahh Fall calls for layering, but not with dull dreary colors in the Don’s book! Blue merino wool v-neck layered under a navy cotton blazer, crisp white shirt and khaki chinos with a muted color tie. Think of it as the American preppy uniform meets Italian boldness! And can’t forget the bright blue socks!


And rounding it out will be a look that lets the bright tie shine! A quiet simple look otherwise, taking navy dress pants with a lighter blue cotton blazer emblazoned with light dots, trusty white oxford and my Miami Dolphins colored tie! Although by the end of the day I wanted to rip it off in disgust and burn it!!! When you have a really cool, bright tie that you want to show off, remember to keep the rest of the look toned down and let the tie shine.

That’ll do it for now, so take some of these tips and integrate them in your wardrobe this week. Until next time…

Stay Dapper my friends!

The Don 😉

The Back-to-Work Look of the Day!

So, after a couple of weeks of being back and resettled in the capital city of Ottawa, I returned to work at Brooks Brothers yesterday. Really happy about it for a couple of reasons. #1 I need $$$ (don’t we all lol) and #2 it allows me to finally dress up on a regular basis again. And so with that I present the look of the workday:


I’ll call this look business up top (white oxford shirt, navy blazer), party down low (pink cotton dress pants) and some fun in the middle (funky palm tree pattered tie). And why the funny face? Well just a reminder that you can dress up and have fun with your look by injecting some unexpected color into it and in turn, not take yourself too seriously. Look good, but have a little fun doing it! You’ll be fine 😉

-The Don

Look of the Day, “Straight Outta Da Yacht Club”

Ahh what a beautiful summer day it is today. So when I had some errands to run I felt like sprucing up the outfit with my new addition, a dashing straw boater hat, that 1920s sailing look which I recently snagged on special for $10!


You best believe I got quite a few stares throughout the afternoon rocking it, and you know I love it I’ve said it time and time again, it’s all about confidence when rocking pieces like this.

Good day dapperites,

The Don

Weekend in Style Review

When I first started this blog, I used to post often my “look of the day” …lately I’ve strayed from it, so consider this a return!!


Starting with Friday night, a swanky night out to the Plateau Lounge at the W-Hotel in Montreal for a birthday. (My favorite lounge in the city by the way). The key to this look, the white linen blazer of course! Taking a pink patterned dress shirt with a blue plaid tie on royal blue chinos and throwing on the white linen blazer for that touch of summertime pizzazz! Lot’s of people are intimidated by a white jacket or suit, as with most bold looks, confidence is always key!


Saturday was a little more casual night out at the movies. Just rocking a short sleeve denim shirt and navy chinos. I will say this about the denim shirt with 2 pockets, I recommend it, I love it. Always feel like I got that hard working man’s vibe when wearing it. Picked mine up at H&M in NYC last summer but you can find these just about anywhere these days.


And prior to the weekend, I measured up my brother for a custom EPH Apparel  shirt. If you’re like me or him and can never find a perfect fitting suit or shirt off the rack, you definitely need to get in touch with me. Shirts are $64.99 to $84.99 and suits from $300 to $600. Go custom today!