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Happy Bleated New Year to all you dapperites!

I apologize for not posting in a while, December was a hectic month (exams, work and home for holidays) and to cap it off, I caught a bad flu the first week of the new year while re-acclimating myself to school and work again. But here I am all settled in and back at it!

I just feel like sharing some of my best looks from over the holiday season tonight so here goes:

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

New Years Eve with Miss Dapper

New Years Eve with Miss Dapper

The Dapper Bros, NYE

The Dapper Bros, NYE

New Years Day

New Years Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

night out for Miss Dapper's birthday

night out for Miss Dapper’s birthday

As you can probably notice, the same suit is worn multiple times here. Just goes to show how versatile a quality suit in an essential color (blue) is. And I leave you with a final piece of advice on how to liven up your look in an unexpected way:


Yes, colored shoelaces, doesn’t matter if they match nothing else in your outfit, that’s the point ūüėČ Truth be told, I only got a pair of these ones because my regular shoelaces snapped while tying them at work and had to run across to Cole Haan and colored laces were all they had left!

That’s all for tonight, stay dapper my friends ūüėČ

The Don


Its White Jean season!



Mixing casual with businesslike…white jeans, purple plaid dress shirt, mike kors tie, brooks brothers blazer, blue suede loafers and totally not matching red socks…why? Because I can ūüėČ

Color it up!


New tie and pocket square from The Tie Bar! Love the nautical theme of the tie. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Don Dapper

The Modern Gentleman

What exactly makes a gentleman these days? Has the true definition of a gentleman been tossed out the window in this day and age, and if not how does one be a gentleman? Sit back, grab your favorite cocktail and cigar and enjoy this read because I’m going to tell you!

1.    Is properly dressed and groomed, shows respect for himself and for others around him.

2.    Treats everyone, especially women, with respect but is not afraid to stand up for himself

3.     Does not gossip, because there are more important things to do.

4.    Is chivalrous, who ever said that it was out of style?

5.   Has family values, never forget where you came from because it made you who you are and will shape the family you will one day have.

6.  Knows how to handle a conflict with class and dignity, will never escalate a situation but de-escalate it.

7.  Takes responsibility for his actions, can admit his shortcomings without blaming anyone else.

8.  Has a passion, whether it be history, art, sports, movies etc, lives his life with a fire in his belly!

9.   Stays true to himself, will never pretend to be someone he’s not just to appease someone’s view of him.

10.  Always strives to better himself, complacency=apathy=lazy. Whether it be going back to school, working towards a promotion, learning a new language or skill.

So you see, being a gentleman is not as hard as it may seem. It requires mostly logical thinking and behaving (something we see too few of nowadays) but it’s time to step up and bring it back, men, you can do this! Ladies, you’ll thank me for this post ūüėČ

Always stay dapper and always…be a real man! be a gentleman!

The Don



Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Today will mark a very special post. Today it gives me great pride to share with you a spotlight feature on a new exciting company, and its founder, Nathalie Kaprielian. I had the chance to ask her a few questions about herself and her venture. Here is a transcript of that interview:

1. Tell me about yourself, how old are you, what did you study, your interests?

 I am 23 years old. Graduated from Vanier College in Social Science. Currently a Concordia 

University student. I believe Laughter and setting oneself out of their personal comfort zone are 

two very important things towards success. The development of Suitingit was a year long process. 

I was balancing university and creating a business both at the same time. I had to be extremely 

organized if I wanted to keep my grades up and launch a successful business. Many times I 

caught myself being tense and stressed out. I made it a mandatory thing for myself that everyday I 

would make myself laugh and bring myself to a healthy balance. Doing so made me happy and 

lead me to be more productive resulting to great outcomes. Working on suitingit was a big deal 

for me. This was my very first major project and I was very nervous. It was the first time I was 


believe in myself and trust myself that I would create something wonderful and with the right 

team we managed to put something pretty neat together. So I am very proud of the work my team 

and I established.

2. It’s not everyday a woman launches a company having to do with men’s fashion, what inspired

you to come up with with idea for Suitingit?

Countless amount of times my friends (male) would tag me along shopping with them because I 


say that my friends have many occasions and they sort of got comfortable with the idea of tagging 

me along to help them out very often. Although, I appreciate their trust in me and loved helping 

them out I had a lot going with my school work and every hour wasted on shopping meant less 

hours of studying. I thought to myself that it would be a great idea for them to have a one stop 


brought into perspective.

3. How exactly does your company work?

Every week Suitingit offers a new selection of designer menswear for up to 70% off. Let’s call 

them weekly flash sales.

4. How long did it take from inception to actually launching the site?

Close to almost a year.

5. What sets Suitingit apart from other online retailers for menswear?

Apart from offering our supporters quality products without breaking their budget. Our company 

is all about selling an inviting relationship and not just a product. We try our best to give our 

customers a warm and welcomed feel. We want to be good enough so that we grant our 

customers a great experience and make them feel a part of the Suitingit family. It is very hard to 

do so but we are trying our best to gain our customers trust. Its simple, value others so they value 

you! Also, the products we sell support our Canadian economy. A majority of our suits, pants and 

blazers are made in Canada with quality wools woven in Italy. 

6. What is your favorite look on a man? Any designers in particular?

My favorite look on a man would be a stunning three piece navy blue suit (blue is power, it is the 

color of the royals) Definitely a nice tailored fit. Fabric 100% wool woven in Italy (basically quality.) 

Along with a nice white shirt without a tie ( I like keeping things simple) and camel colored shoes and 

belt to accessorize.

7. Who inspires your own personal style?


She had a sexy sophistication and carried herself with confidence. Even at the age of 76 she 

acknowledges the same style. I truly admire a person who carries themselves well at any age. 

Dressing oneself properly with elegance and grace can have such a positive power.

8. I know it’s still very early on, but what are your plans for the future of Suitingit?

As Suitingit grows in popularity it is a goal of mine to put together a program which helps young 

ambitious entrepreneurs, mostly students, to expand on their dreams and possibly encourage and 

help them make it happen. 

9. Any plans to offer accessories like ties, belts, pocket squares or socks?

Yes, eventually I plan to offer accessories and a wider range of other products.

10. Any job openings? (Haha, kidding!)


As you can see, this is a very intelligent, determined young woman who was able to launch this venture while still being in school full-time, for that alone she has my full respect and admiration. I must say we are on the same page about her favourite look being a blue suit and a white shirt as I plan on already purchasing a blue suit myself (I knew I was always a royal deep down! haha) for the many occasions I have coming up this summer. The fact that she is supportive of fellow young entrepreneurs and talent makes her a great businessperson. As well, helping support the domestic economy is a socially conscious move that all entrepreneurs can learn from. And the prices offered are phenomenal, like this great navy/plaid Nautica number for $199!  In short, she is a great example of what someone young, focused and determined can accomplish through hard work and I know she will not stop.

To wrap it up, guys, you should definitely check out¬†when shopping for your next suit or blazer. As I have always preached, looking good and dapper does not mean you have to break the bank and Suitingit falls right in with my philosophy and perspective. Don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook here.

Enjoy the weekend and as always, stay dapper ūüėČ

The Don