That time of year again!


NFL training camps are open..so it’s almost football season!! Repping my Miami Dolphins in a dapper way with my tie 😉


Color it up!


New tie and pocket square from The Tie Bar! Love the nautical theme of the tie. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Don Dapper

Spring is finally here!


So bust out the bright colors and light blazers!! Today it was my favorite cotton striped H&M blazer with a blue on blue gingham shirt, navy chinos with a bright yellow tie (don’t forget the complementary pocket square!) and shined up brogues 😉

To Bow or not to Bow? That is the Question…

Hey Fellow Dappers, I’m back! And today I will be tackling a sometimes controversial topic for menswear today and I’ll tell you why it needs to become a staple in your dappering arsenal. I am talking of course about the one and only bow tie.

“I don’t look good in bow ties!” “I can’t pull it off” “They look weird” are some of the many excuses heard when it comes to rocking a bow tie, but it is a tie that can elevate you fashion-wise. Allow me to explain why.

1. It comes in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns so it can be dressed up or down, as seen by yours truly here:


(both ties did not cost a whole lot by the way, $15 for the one on the left courtesy of The Tie Bar  and $10 for the one on the right via a sale at Simons.)

2. It’s been a staple of every well dressed man throughout the years. Think Sinatra, Dean Martin, JFK, hell go as far back as good ol’ Abe Lincoln!

3. It’s the only tie to wear a tux with! Seriously, when did wearing a standard tie with a tux become acceptable in society?

4. It makes you stand out. Who wants to dress every day just to blend in and be part of the crowd, be daring, be bold! Dare to be dapper 😉

There is one rule I have regarding the bow tie however,


Be a man, buy a self-tie bow tie and learn how to tie it. Took me a while but practice makes perfect and trust me people will notice! Here is one of the many youtube videos to help you out

And if you are worried that the knot doesn’t look “perfect” or as tight as a pre-tied, don’t be! A little bit of imperfection is part of the self-tie’s charm 😉

So go ahead don’t be shy, you CAN rock this look, all it takes is a deep breath of confidence, you’ll look awesome, seriously.

Stay dapper,

The Don

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

So this past weekend was one that was filled with shopping for the Don. While I should start Christmas shopping for others, I couldn’t resist the urge to line my closet with a couple of more things before worrying about what to buy everyone else.

It all began Friday evening where I was able to snag a quality green merino wool v-neck on special for $20 at H&M

To my right is my equally dapper cousin, runs in the family!

Now, I had no intention of purchasing anything that day but my lovely girlfriend (pays to have a great woman with a keen eye for men’s fashion!) turned my attention to it and for that price, can’t say no!

Sunday afternoon is where I discovered the jackpot of deals and would have spent a lotttt of dough (if I had it!) . I was able to snag 3 quality items, a red italian made merino wool crewneck sweater, a silk knit tie and a wool knit tie for under $50 after taxes. Where did I find these you ask? For those of you from the Montreal area, check out the old Zellers store in Montreal North in Place Bourassa (Henri Bourassa corner Lacordaire) which until January serves a liquidation outlet for The Bay, or Hudson’s Bay as it is now called. The deals there will knock your socks off (cashmere sweaters for 41.99!) Pictured below is my haul

And I can’t go through a post about tie purchases without including the arrival of my latest order from the fine folks over at The Tie Bar! Total cost again under $50

A beautiful diamond tipped wool bow tie, a wool pocket square and glen plaid wool skinny tie, tis the season for it! Can’t wait to rock em to my holiday parties! 

So there you have it, a few places to get great deals on things you need to look your best, before going out and buying gifts for a bunch of people, go out n buy a gift for yourself, the gift of dapperness 😉

The Don

Simple Tips to Look Your Best!

As we head into the weekend just felt like sharing some of my looks of the week and some simple tips to help you look your best, so rather than sound off with my strong opinions of the situation surrounding my beloved Dolphins, let’s get this going! 
Now take a look at this picture and tell me, what makes this look right? If you answered the bold tie and the subtle pocket square you’re right!…Almost…Look carefully at the colors in each, different shade of the same colors which complement each other but are not too “matchy-matchy”. That’s what you want to go for when trying to match a tie to a pocket square Whatever you do, don’t you dare go out and buy one of those cheap matching sets
Tie and pocket square available at TheTieBar.com, cost me $25 for both!! 

Tip number 2 of the day is…..don’t be afraid of color! Don’t be afraid to stand out and have people make a double take when passing you by in the street. Have a look at all the color going on in this outfit, from the stripes to the pink shirt to the royal blue pants, it seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well it isn’t because there is a balance to the tone of colors. The navy striped cotton knit tie brings balance to the look taking attention off the brightness of the shirt allowing the pants to be the part that’s noticed.

Pants copped at JCrew for less than $20, always look out for discounts! 

And for my last tip, I feel it’s one of the easiest ways to look sharp and dapper and that is to match a gingham shirt with a solid silk knit tie as seen here:

Tie provided by who else? TheTieBar.com!

Guaranteed you’ll look awesome wearing this combo, go for it!

And there you have it gents, 3 simple tips on the road to dapperness!

Stata buon,

The Don

P.S. Shameless plug here for my Movember page! check it out and donate to a hell of a cause, let’s kick men’s cancer to the curb!!!

Overview on the Interview

Maybe you just finished school and are headed in search of a job in the real world. Maybe you are unemployed and looking to re-enter the job market, or maybe you just need a change. In any case you need to look sharp for the job search and interview process. Here’s how to do it:

1- That same haircut you’ve had since high school, you know, the spikes, or the mohawk or the bedhead look, snap out of it! You don’t look”cool” and at this age, it’s not about looking cool, its about looking classy and respectable. Visit a barbershop, yes I said barber and not a salon, men know how to cut men’s hair properly and ask for a classic side part, something like this. It’s timeless, and demands respect.

2-Wear a suit! And make sure it fits! If you have only one suit and it doesn’t quite fit right, use that tailor! Get the hem done, take in the extra material on the legs, arms, and torso and have the sleeves shortened if needed. Consider this, two guys go in for an interview, you tell me who looks more prepared and confident…exactly. And another thing to keep in mind, leave the black suit at home. Save it for formal events, for jobs, you want to go with navy, grey, or charcoal.

3-Shirt and tie! This should seem obvious but what I’m getting at is the the color of the shirt and knot of the tie. Remember the yellow shirt and yellow tie you wore to your prom? Burn it! Not appropriate for the adult world. Keep the shirt crisp white, with a spread collar, and the tie? Go for a power color like red with a subtle pattern, and use a nice powerful knot like the windsor or half windsor shown here:

Shameless plug, this was my look of the day!

4-Shine your shoes! Nothing looks worse than scuffed shoes worn with a nice suit. Refer back to previous posts for more on that.

5-Groom yourself! Cut your nails, shave or trim that beard to a respectable level. You’re not trying to be a member of the 2013 Red Sox, you’re trying to land a job!

6-After all that, you should be looking good and feeling confident about yourself, now go out there and show em what you’re made of junior!

Now maybe you’re wondering why I chose this topic. I chose it because I had an interview of my own today and reflected back on previous interviews I’ve had and come to realize that a few of my recent jobs were landed because I was as confident as ever due to being well-dressed and proper. I live by the motto “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. After all don’t you think a man like Roger Sterling would look as convincing and confident in a T-shirt and jeans? Didn’t think so.

Thanks for reading, look good, feel good, be dapper!

The Don