New Year, New Tips, New Wardrobe!

A happy, prosperous, and healthy new year to all of you. For my first official post of the new year I will be focusing on how you can change your wardrobe with a few simple tips.
The first thing that you must do is a seek and destroy mission in your closet. If it doesn’t fit, hasn’t been worn in a year or just plain looks outdated, chuck it! (by chuck I mean donate them to the less fortunate). I will admit I had a hard time with this process a year ago when my lovely girlfriend went through my closet, but it’s worth it in the end trust me.
Now that you’ve established what you need and don’t need, divide your clothes up. In one section, put what you usually wear to work. Next is clothes you wear when you hit the town, then casual clothes, lazy around the house clothes and so on.
Looking at these piles, decide which ones look a little empty and need replenishing so you can go out and buy what is missing.
Now some tips for going out and replenishing those missing items. You don’t have to break the bank to look dapper. For stores/websites where you can get great deals, check out the links on the right side of this blog. Another tip is to go when there are seasonal sales, roll up your sleeves and go through those racks of items because chances are you will come out with something. Outlet stores (such as the Banana Republic Factory Store which has specials every week) and liquidation stores are where you will find steals. For example just this past weekend I picked up these two great quality items at a liquidation centre.
Total price paid with tax…$28.44!
And check out the quality of the turtleneck sweater
If you want to treat yourself to some high quality items, visit a high end store like Henri Vezina on Boxing Day/week. I was able to snag a pair of $250 blue suede loafers for $100!
A final useful piece of advice (for my Canadian readers) is take a little shopping weekend south of the border every few months as you will find much a much better selection at a lower cost! Good destinations include Burlington, New Hampshire, Woodbury.
That wraps it up for this one, take this advice and look your best for 2014 and remember, stay dapper!
The Don

To Bow or not to Bow? That is the Question…

Hey Fellow Dappers, I’m back! And today I will be tackling a sometimes controversial topic for menswear today and I’ll tell you why it needs to become a staple in your dappering arsenal. I am talking of course about the one and only bow tie.

“I don’t look good in bow ties!” “I can’t pull it off” “They look weird” are some of the many excuses heard when it comes to rocking a bow tie, but it is a tie that can elevate you fashion-wise. Allow me to explain why.

1. It comes in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns so it can be dressed up or down, as seen by yours truly here:


(both ties did not cost a whole lot by the way, $15 for the one on the left courtesy of The Tie Bar  and $10 for the one on the right via a sale at Simons.)

2. It’s been a staple of every well dressed man throughout the years. Think Sinatra, Dean Martin, JFK, hell go as far back as good ol’ Abe Lincoln!

3. It’s the only tie to wear a tux with! Seriously, when did wearing a standard tie with a tux become acceptable in society?

4. It makes you stand out. Who wants to dress every day just to blend in and be part of the crowd, be daring, be bold! Dare to be dapper 😉

There is one rule I have regarding the bow tie however,


Be a man, buy a self-tie bow tie and learn how to tie it. Took me a while but practice makes perfect and trust me people will notice! Here is one of the many youtube videos to help you out

And if you are worried that the knot doesn’t look “perfect” or as tight as a pre-tied, don’t be! A little bit of imperfection is part of the self-tie’s charm 😉

So go ahead don’t be shy, you CAN rock this look, all it takes is a deep breath of confidence, you’ll look awesome, seriously.

Stay dapper,

The Don

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

So this past weekend was one that was filled with shopping for the Don. While I should start Christmas shopping for others, I couldn’t resist the urge to line my closet with a couple of more things before worrying about what to buy everyone else.

It all began Friday evening where I was able to snag a quality green merino wool v-neck on special for $20 at H&M

To my right is my equally dapper cousin, runs in the family!

Now, I had no intention of purchasing anything that day but my lovely girlfriend (pays to have a great woman with a keen eye for men’s fashion!) turned my attention to it and for that price, can’t say no!

Sunday afternoon is where I discovered the jackpot of deals and would have spent a lotttt of dough (if I had it!) . I was able to snag 3 quality items, a red italian made merino wool crewneck sweater, a silk knit tie and a wool knit tie for under $50 after taxes. Where did I find these you ask? For those of you from the Montreal area, check out the old Zellers store in Montreal North in Place Bourassa (Henri Bourassa corner Lacordaire) which until January serves a liquidation outlet for The Bay, or Hudson’s Bay as it is now called. The deals there will knock your socks off (cashmere sweaters for 41.99!) Pictured below is my haul

And I can’t go through a post about tie purchases without including the arrival of my latest order from the fine folks over at The Tie Bar! Total cost again under $50

A beautiful diamond tipped wool bow tie, a wool pocket square and glen plaid wool skinny tie, tis the season for it! Can’t wait to rock em to my holiday parties! 

So there you have it, a few places to get great deals on things you need to look your best, before going out and buying gifts for a bunch of people, go out n buy a gift for yourself, the gift of dapperness 😉

The Don

Collection Corner: Ties! TIes! Ties!

Good Saturday Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Don’s Collection Corner, today I’ll be showing off my tie collection.

As I’ve said before, ties are a great way to look sharp, dapper, stand out or blend in, whatever you choose! They come in all kinds of materials (silk, wool, cotton, linen, knitted silk, knitted cotton, knitted wool!) and widths, (skinny, standard, super skinny, bow ties) And the patterns, gotta love the patterns! (stripes, plaids, dots, paisley, solids)

Here is a look at my personal collection:

32 count em, 32 ties and counting! How have I acquired all these ties? Some of them, such as the light blue in the top left corner, I’ve had for years but rarely wear now, others I’ve gotten them handed down from my pops, such as the sharp yellow number. I’ve even gotten some ties from my pop’s equally dapper friend who changes his wardrobe every once in a while so I’ve reaped the benefits of his unworn ties! 😀 And of course I’ve gotten most of them the old-fashioned way, buying them myself haha.

A piece of advice I must give however, is don’t be afraid to try new patterns and colors for your ties. A lot of men may shy away from paisely or plaid ties, but as the old expression goes, don’t knock it till you try it! A funky new tie can inject some life into an old shirt or suit giving you a whole new look! And of course don’t forget a couple of bow ties into your collection, they demonstrate class and style, look great for formal occasions and hell even not so formal ones! BE DIFFERENT!

What’s that? ties are expensive you say? Well if you shop in the wrong stores of course they are! You gotta know where to look! Always be on the lookout for sales (duh) but beware the material of the tie, you want to avoid cheap looking ties which are always made of polyester or a poly-blend, don’t take it just because it’s a low price. What you want to do is look for 100% silk, cotton, wool or linen. (of course a silk/wool or silk/linen blend is fine)  eBay is a great source for ties of all kinds without breaking the bank! See here Of course I can’t talk about ties without mentioning my favorite source for them, The Tie Bar. At $15 a tie you can’t go wrong, and I’m talking quality here. I honestly will rarely buy a tie in a brick and mortar store anymore. My favorite ties from my collection come from there:

That just about wraps it up for me today, have a great weekend everyone stay safe, don’t forget your tie and stay dapper!

The Don

Simple Tips to Look Your Best!

As we head into the weekend just felt like sharing some of my looks of the week and some simple tips to help you look your best, so rather than sound off with my strong opinions of the situation surrounding my beloved Dolphins, let’s get this going! 
Now take a look at this picture and tell me, what makes this look right? If you answered the bold tie and the subtle pocket square you’re right!…Almost…Look carefully at the colors in each, different shade of the same colors which complement each other but are not too “matchy-matchy”. That’s what you want to go for when trying to match a tie to a pocket square Whatever you do, don’t you dare go out and buy one of those cheap matching sets
Tie and pocket square available at, cost me $25 for both!! 

Tip number 2 of the day is…..don’t be afraid of color! Don’t be afraid to stand out and have people make a double take when passing you by in the street. Have a look at all the color going on in this outfit, from the stripes to the pink shirt to the royal blue pants, it seems like a lot doesn’t it? Well it isn’t because there is a balance to the tone of colors. The navy striped cotton knit tie brings balance to the look taking attention off the brightness of the shirt allowing the pants to be the part that’s noticed.

Pants copped at JCrew for less than $20, always look out for discounts! 

And for my last tip, I feel it’s one of the easiest ways to look sharp and dapper and that is to match a gingham shirt with a solid silk knit tie as seen here:

Tie provided by who else?!

Guaranteed you’ll look awesome wearing this combo, go for it!

And there you have it gents, 3 simple tips on the road to dapperness!

Stata buon,

The Don

P.S. Shameless plug here for my Movember page! check it out and donate to a hell of a cause, let’s kick men’s cancer to the curb!!!

Tie it up Tuesday

Hello to everyone, hope you all had a great day and it’s now time for the latest installment from the Don. Today I’ll be focusing on different ties for different seasons of the year, and fall has to be one of my favorites for this, so without further adieu:

As we can see here, a lot of grey was going on today but here is the key to pulling that off, different patterns and different shades of grey are the key to avoid looking like you dressed up as Smoke. And of course using the red tie (which I will get more into later) as the stand out piece just really puts it all together.

and the bottom part of the outfit:

black and red argyle socks with the classic, black lace-ups, this kind of shoes goes with anything under the sun, everyone should have a pair just remember to polish them properly every once in a while!

Back to the tie, with fall hitting and the temperatures going down here in Montreal, I like to bust out my wool and knitted ties. Today was the first day since last winter that I busted out my red plaid wool tie.
When the cool weather hits, it’s a good thing to mix it up with the material of your ties, don’t always limit yourself to striped silk, go nuts with wools and tweeds, mixing it up with plaid or houndstooth patterns, once again my go to supply for those kinds of ties is The Tie Bar. They’ll give some texture to your ties and that is definitely not a bad thing!

The neat thing about this tie is that it’s vintage as evidenced on the label, and it cost me only $10 on eBay, going to show once again that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, pre-owned ties can be had on the cheap on eBay and still look good today.

That just about wraps it up for today, stay cool folks, and as always, look dapper!

The Don