Blue Monday




Could not wait to take advantage of the nice weather and finally bust out my white jeans and blue suede loafers today! Topped off with a linen shirt, red and blue striped ribbon belt and some shades on.


Look of this summer day in Montreal!


Porkpie hat, light striped cotton shirt, blue chino shorts and my favourite Riveria leisure shoes!

Look of the day!


Pattern mixing 101


Complete with "not giving a f*ck" colorful socks!

Color it up!


New tie and pocket square from The Tie Bar! Love the nautical theme of the tie. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Don Dapper

Smoking Dapper

Note: I am not encouraging people to take up smoking in this post, however if you do enjoy the occasional smoke or are a smoker, tune in because there’s a more classy way to do it 😉


Let me start by saying this, if you can’t get enough of your cigarettes that you’ve smoked for years and years, I say man up and throw em out! As we all know regular smoking is harmful to your health, but occasional smoking can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience and that’s why the dapper way to do it is to switch to cigars and/or pipes. Pipes? That’s right I said pipes and I’ll tell you why in a bit.


First off, a quality cigar is a work of art, hand-rolled and assembled there is nothing quite like it, anyone can get a cigarette rolling machine and make their own, but to assemble a cigar from tobacco leaves? Yup not happening for any common folk. The flavours that are in a premium cigar mesh so well with a nice glass of scotch, rum, or whatever your favourite cocktail or spirit may be. Hell, even with a fine espresso a cigar goes good with. Also the size of a cigar forces you to smoke it slowly and enjoy it, take your time there is no rush! Bask in the company of great friends on a nice summer evening on a patio and appreciate the product of craftsmanship that is a cigar. A couple of tips for smoking cigars, light them with wood matches or torch lighter, (though the hardcore way to light it is with a lit piece of cedar wood) and when you are done, don’t butt it out, just let it burn out on its own. To enjoy a cigar without buying a box, visit a cigar bar in your area. My personal favourite in Montreal is Whisky Cafe but for a less expensive choice you can’t go wrong with Stogies! If you do decide to buy a box, don’t store it in the freezer like many people do, it does nothing good! Buy the proper humidification tools and store them with care.


The Don's personal stash

The Don’s personal stash


Now onto the pipes. When you think of a pipe I am certain you picture an old man in a rocking chair near a fireplace puffing away, they seem relaxed right? Exactly! That’s the point. Pipe smoking is a relaxing activity that involves taking your time to enjoy the essence of it. Make yourself a cocktail and fill your pipe with fragrant tobacco (I like black cherry) and puff the time away. Now since pipe smoking requires a few things, if you want to try it out, order an inexpensive corn cob pipe from here or pick one up at your local flea market like I did for $25. As for your pipe tobacco, depending on where you live you can order online or check out a local specialty shop. In downtown Montreal there is a joint called Blatter and Blatter that have been around over 100 years in the pipe business, that’s where I picked up mine. There are a few techniques on how to pack your pipe with tobacco for it to burn evenly, I am not an expert in that (yet) so check out this video found on YouTube



Pipe and bag of black cherry tobacco


So by now I hope you have all learned that there is a more refined way to smoke, to actually enjoy and appreciate the flavours of different types of tobacco and yes, you will look a hell of a lot more dapper smoking these over cigarettes!


Enjoy my friends….


The Don



Dapperness in the Movies and on TV

After seeing Wolf of Wall Street this last weekend, I was inspired to write this post on well-dressed men in movies (talking about the characters in movies, not the actors themselves). Well why don’t I start with the one that inspired me and that is the role of Jordan Belfort. Leo Di Caprio has really come on as a dapper man in his recent movies and in this movie he rocks the 1980s stockbroker look to a T. The double breasted power suits and ties, the casual polo shirt and sunglasses it was a beautiful job done by the costume designers on that movie.
Next up is another Di Caprio role and it is the one of Mr. Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby“. His portrayal of the mysterious Jay Gatsby is one to remember but the style and fashion in that movie is one for the ages for myself personally. The Roaring Twenties style of shawl collar cardigans, pinned collars braces (suspenders) sleek tuxedos and hats blew me away. The costume designers certainly did their research to nail the clothing of the time perfectly and I bet helped inspire a few men with their looks. Especially since Brooks Brothers released a line based on the movie which I can only dream of getting my hands on! 
Now onto one of my favorite TV characters ever, the man they call Don Draper from Mad Men. 1960s businessman look at its finest. The grey suit, the always crisp white shirt with french cuffs, skinny tie, hair perfectly parted and don’t forget the overcoat and fedora. The sharp look really resonated with a lot of people and through it we have seen a revival of Sixties style fashion. Banana Republic launched two lines in the past few years based on the series. I can say the look has definitely inspired me to begin dressing well in the first place and when I dress like that I feel ready to conquer the day ahead. 
Now ignoring the fact that these are fictional characters, what do men from those eras have in common? They cared about the way they dressed and looked. Whether casual or business or formal, they took pride in how they looked and put effort into their dress and grooming each day. I don’t know what happened to caring or why the world got lazy but it’s time to take a cue from these men and put some thought, effort and take pride in how you look. So for all of us here (me) at Don Dapper Headquarters, have a great evening and remember, stay dapper 😉
The Don