Its White Jean season!



Mixing casual with businesslike…white jeans, purple plaid dress shirt, mike kors tie, brooks brothers blazer, blue suede loafers and totally not matching red socks…why? Because I can πŸ˜‰


Look of this summer day in Montreal!


Porkpie hat, light striped cotton shirt, blue chino shorts and my favourite Riveria leisure shoes!

Look of the day!


Pattern mixing 101


Complete with "not giving a f*ck" colorful socks!

New Year, New Tips, New Wardrobe!

A happy, prosperous, and healthy new year to all of you. For my first official post of the new year I will be focusing on how you can change your wardrobe with a few simple tips.
The first thing that you must do is a seek and destroy mission in your closet. If it doesn’t fit, hasn’t been worn in a year or just plain looks outdated, chuck it! (by chuck I mean donate them to the less fortunate). I will admit I had a hard time with this process a year ago when my lovely girlfriend went through my closet, but it’s worth it in the end trust me.
Now that you’ve established what you need and don’t need, divide your clothes up. In one section, put what you usually wear to work. Next is clothes you wear when you hit the town, then casual clothes, lazy around the house clothes and so on.
Looking at these piles, decide which ones look a little empty and need replenishing so you can go out and buy what is missing.
Now some tips for going out and replenishing those missing items. You don’t have to break the bank to look dapper. For stores/websites where you can get great deals, check out the links on the right side of this blog. Another tip is to go when there are seasonal sales, roll up your sleeves and go through those racks of items because chances are you will come out with something. Outlet stores (such as the Banana Republic Factory Store which has specials every week) and liquidation stores are where you will find steals. For example just this past weekend I picked up these two great quality items at a liquidation centre.
Total price paid with tax…$28.44!
And check out the quality of the turtleneck sweater
If you want to treat yourself to some high quality items, visit a high end store like Henri VezinaΒ on Boxing Day/week. I was able to snag a pair of $250 blue suede loafers for $100!
A final useful piece of advice (for my Canadian readers) is take a little shopping weekend south of the border every few months as you will find much a much better selection at a lower cost! Good destinations include Burlington, New Hampshire, Woodbury.
That wraps it up for this one, take this advice and look your best for 2014 and remember, stay dapper!
The Don

All About the Layers!

The Don is back after a one day layoff (due to lack of phone) and running around trying to get it repaired but that’s a story for another day! Hope you’ve all been well and welcome to the latest entry of Dapperness.

Today will be focused on layering, its fall after all and its got to be the best season to use layering due to the constant changes in temperature. So rather than blabbing on about it, let me show you first:

Now not sound cocky, but hey I am the Don after all! This has got to be one of my best and favorite looks. What we have here is layering and fashion 101. This outfit is almost entirely from H&M. Now some people might think H&M is bad quality, but depends what you buy from there, I personally find the fit to be good for my frame and the prices decent. Again the key to this look is muted colors for the shirt, pants, blazer, tie and pocket square. And the finishing touch is the blue merino wool v-neck sweater. It makes the perfect layering piece because of its thin, fine material and gives the entire look pop.

When layering, just remember the basics, thin layers go under thicker ones. Keep the outer layer hem longer than the inner, your shirt peeking out under your sweater will NOT make you look cool! Also, each piece should be able to be worn on their own and pick ONE bright color to wear as seen above, no need to be looking like a rainbow out in public unless of course… um nevermind!

So go nuts, have fun with layering! A vest under your blazer or cardigan, all under an overcoat, a v-neck over your shirt under your suit, why not! Just try and look like this, and not like a fake gangster wearing a basketball jersey over a hoodie.

And just for fun let me throw in the bottom look of the outfit:

Can never go wrong with brown brogues, and colorful socks are always fun!

That will just about wrap it up, the weekend is almost here! Stay safe and look dapper πŸ˜‰

The Don

Tie it up Tuesday

Hello to everyone, hope you all had a great day and it’s now time for the latest installment from the Don. Today I’ll be focusing on different ties for different seasons of the year, and fall has to be one of my favorites for this, so without further adieu:

As we can see here, a lot of grey was going on today but here is the key to pulling that off, different patterns and different shades of grey are the key to avoid looking like you dressed up as Smoke. And of course using the red tie (which I will get more into later) as the stand out piece just really puts it all together.

and the bottom part of the outfit:

black and red argyle socks with the classic, black lace-ups, this kind of shoes goes with anything under the sun, everyone should have a pair just remember to polish them properly every once in a while!

Back to the tie, with fall hitting and the temperatures going down here in Montreal, I like to bust out my wool and knitted ties. Today was the first day since last winter that I busted out my red plaid wool tie.
When the cool weather hits, it’s a good thing to mix it up with the material of your ties, don’t always limit yourself to striped silk, go nuts with wools and tweeds, mixing it up with plaid or houndstooth patterns, once again my go to supply for those kinds of ties is The Tie Bar. They’ll give some texture to your ties and that is definitely not a bad thing!

The neat thing about this tie is that it’s vintage as evidenced on the label, and it cost me only $10 on eBay, going to show once again that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, pre-owned ties can be had on the cheap on eBay and still look good today.

That just about wraps it up for today, stay cool folks, and as always, look dapper!

The Don