Dappering in the Summetime: Your Guide to Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Yes Yes I’m still here, just got a lot going on in the world of the Don, big changes coming in my life to prepare for but I am here and here is the latest post:


So it’s that time of year again, the dog days of summer are here where the humidex makes it feel like 40 degrees out and sweat drips from every pore of your body by just standing still. So what’s a gent to do if he wants to stay looking dapper without having the sweat patches everywhere? Well grab a cold one, sit back and learn!

#1  Take care of your birthday suit

What do I mean by this? I mean invest in a good anti-perspirant (I like the Arm&Hammer branded one) to stay cool n dry in the pitts, and talc powder (I use Pinaud Clubman or Gold Bond) to avoid SCS (sweaty crotch syndrome) and on your feet so you don’t smell like you walked through a swamp at the end of the day.


Keep your man-parts cool n dry with this classic barbershop staple!


#2  Meet your new friend, linen!

This is definitely my material of choice when the humidex hits 40+. They sell everything in linen these days, from shorts, shirts, pants and even suits and ties! (Love my all-white linen suit). It’s comfortable and light as hell. There’s a reason why so many people in the tropics and from hot climates wear a lot of linen!

The Don in Miami, rocking the white linen suit, circa 2012


#3 You don’t gotta wear a suit to be dapper in the summer

*Gasp* Did he really just say that? Yeah I did. Summer is a time where I like to experiment with my look a little bit. From white jeans with a shirt and tie to a blazer with a t-shirt underneath and some relaxed footwear and maybe an ascot thrown in there for good measure, go crazy! Just be you, be confident you’ll be awesome 😉


#4 Let those feet breathe! 

There are so many options for summer footwear, beach shoes, loafers, boat shoes are all a little looser than your typical dress shoes, so let loose and still stay lookin good.

Picked these bad boys up back on Boxing Day, paid $100, reg price $250

Picked these bad boys up back on Boxing Day, paid $100, reg price $250

My favorite summer shoes! Riveria Leisure Shoes, canvas and cotton mesh let your feet breathe in a shoe that screams ’50s flair. Wear to the beach and the streets


#5 Cover up that melon of yours!

I do not mean wearing one of those snapbacks like the kids are trying to be all cool. Invest in a Panama hat or simple straw fedora. They will keep the sun out of your face as well as keep you 10 degrees cooler by eliminating exposure to the part of your body that gets the most of it. Practical and adds to your style all in one.


Burt Reynolds rockin the classic Panama hat



#7 Your other friend in the summer is Cotton!

How could I forget the other natural lightweight fibre, cotton! Cotton chinos are a personal favourite of mine as their looser weave allows for more airflow. Pair em up with a cotton or linen shirt and a lightweight sport coat and you got a recipe for success. And for those summer weddings, consider a cotton suit so you won’t be like the rest of the folks sweating buckets in a small church with no air conditioning.


Bonus! Swimwear tip

You still rocking the knee length shorts you had since you were 15? Good for you, now take them, roll them into a big ball and chuck them into the garbage! It’s time to step up your swimwear game to something a little more mature and stylish. Aim for the short length type that are maximum halfway to the knee or even a tight boxer-brief style suit. The advantages? You’ll get more of a tan on your legs, if you work out you’ll get to show off your athletic legs and the most practical of all, these swimsuits dry faster so you could get to the beachside bar quicker and chat up that hottie you seen staring at you 😉

Go for this





And so now you know how to keep your cool when the weather gets hot, you’re good for the summer! Till next time, stay dapper!


The Don


Color it up!


New tie and pocket square from The Tie Bar! Love the nautical theme of the tie. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Don Dapper

Mad for Plaid!

Good day gentlemen, this post will tackle one of my favorite patterns in clothing and that is plaid.

Plaid (or tartan) was first worn by the Scots in the form of kilts in the 17th century as a sign of resistance against the empire and was banned for a few decades for this reason. For many years it was a staple of the working man’s flannel shirt until the mid 20th century when the pattern popped up on blazers, and even tuxedos  in the 1970s (thankfully we have not seen this trend since!). Plaid flannel shirts enjoyed another revival in the 90s with the grunge rock movement and people would often wear them tied around their waist.

Nowadays, you can find plaid on a number of items of clothing. Ties, shirts, blazers, pocket squares, scarves and even pants and suits! I do not recommend that you wear an all-plaid uniform, I do recommend  however, that you incorporate it into your wardrobe and wear one item in any given outfit just to give it a dash of brash confidence. Observe this example:

See how the first thing you notice about the outfit is the blazer? That’s the reaction you want! Wear it with a light colored shirt (remember, white goes with any and everything) and you got a recipe for dapperness!

Of course another way to use plaid in your outfit is by rocking a plaid tie as seen here:

Notice how it is paired with contrasting patterns and a darker color to help accentuate it’s color and pattern. Remember the basics!

And of course you can always use a plaid shirt in your wardrobe as demonstrated below:

Layered under a cardigan, it is a great casual weekend look that will make you look good without even trying!

One thing I would really like to rock one day would be a beautiful prince of wales plaid suit such as this one from Indochino. Notice the subtlety of the pattern here that allows you to mix and match your shirts and ties easier for it.

So there you have it. The next time you look at a plaid shirt/blazer/tie/scarf/pocket square, remember this post, pick it up and imagine the dapper possibilities, step out of that comfort zone!

As always, stay dapper 😉

The Don