Dappering in the Summetime: Your Guide to Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Yes Yes I’m still here, just got a lot going on in the world of the Don, big changes coming in my life to prepare for but I am here and here is the latest post:


So it’s that time of year again, the dog days of summer are here where the humidex makes it feel like 40 degrees out and sweat drips from every pore of your body by just standing still. So what’s a gent to do if he wants to stay looking dapper without having the sweat patches everywhere? Well grab a cold one, sit back and learn!

#1  Take care of your birthday suit

What do I mean by this? I mean invest in a good anti-perspirant (I like the Arm&Hammer branded one) to stay cool n dry in the pitts, and talc powder (I use Pinaud Clubman or Gold Bond) to avoid SCS (sweaty crotch syndrome) and on your feet so you don’t smell like you walked through a swamp at the end of the day.


Keep your man-parts cool n dry with this classic barbershop staple!


#2  Meet your new friend, linen!

This is definitely my material of choice when the humidex hits 40+. They sell everything in linen these days, from shorts, shirts, pants and even suits and ties! (Love my all-white linen suit). It’s comfortable and light as hell. There’s a reason why so many people in the tropics and from hot climates wear a lot of linen!

The Don in Miami, rocking the white linen suit, circa 2012


#3 You don’t gotta wear a suit to be dapper in the summer

*Gasp* Did he really just say that? Yeah I did. Summer is a time where I like to experiment with my look a little bit. From white jeans with a shirt and tie to a blazer with a t-shirt underneath and some relaxed footwear and maybe an ascot thrown in there for good measure, go crazy! Just be you, be confident you’ll be awesome 😉


#4 Let those feet breathe! 

There are so many options for summer footwear, beach shoes, loafers, boat shoes are all a little looser than your typical dress shoes, so let loose and still stay lookin good.

Picked these bad boys up back on Boxing Day, paid $100, reg price $250

Picked these bad boys up back on Boxing Day, paid $100, reg price $250

My favorite summer shoes! Riveria Leisure Shoes, canvas and cotton mesh let your feet breathe in a shoe that screams ’50s flair. Wear to the beach and the streets


#5 Cover up that melon of yours!

I do not mean wearing one of those snapbacks like the kids are trying to be all cool. Invest in a Panama hat or simple straw fedora. They will keep the sun out of your face as well as keep you 10 degrees cooler by eliminating exposure to the part of your body that gets the most of it. Practical and adds to your style all in one.


Burt Reynolds rockin the classic Panama hat



#7 Your other friend in the summer is Cotton!

How could I forget the other natural lightweight fibre, cotton! Cotton chinos are a personal favourite of mine as their looser weave allows for more airflow. Pair em up with a cotton or linen shirt and a lightweight sport coat and you got a recipe for success. And for those summer weddings, consider a cotton suit so you won’t be like the rest of the folks sweating buckets in a small church with no air conditioning.


Bonus! Swimwear tip

You still rocking the knee length shorts you had since you were 15? Good for you, now take them, roll them into a big ball and chuck them into the garbage! It’s time to step up your swimwear game to something a little more mature and stylish. Aim for the short length type that are maximum halfway to the knee or even a tight boxer-brief style suit. The advantages? You’ll get more of a tan on your legs, if you work out you’ll get to show off your athletic legs and the most practical of all, these swimsuits dry faster so you could get to the beachside bar quicker and chat up that hottie you seen staring at you 😉

Go for this





And so now you know how to keep your cool when the weather gets hot, you’re good for the summer! Till next time, stay dapper!


The Don


Spring is finally here!


So bust out the bright colors and light blazers!! Today it was my favorite cotton striped H&M blazer with a blue on blue gingham shirt, navy chinos with a bright yellow tie (don’t forget the complementary pocket square!) and shined up brogues 😉

Collection Corner: Ties! TIes! Ties!

Good Saturday Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Don’s Collection Corner, today I’ll be showing off my tie collection.

As I’ve said before, ties are a great way to look sharp, dapper, stand out or blend in, whatever you choose! They come in all kinds of materials (silk, wool, cotton, linen, knitted silk, knitted cotton, knitted wool!) and widths, (skinny, standard, super skinny, bow ties) And the patterns, gotta love the patterns! (stripes, plaids, dots, paisley, solids)

Here is a look at my personal collection:

32 count em, 32 ties and counting! How have I acquired all these ties? Some of them, such as the light blue in the top left corner, I’ve had for years but rarely wear now, others I’ve gotten them handed down from my pops, such as the sharp yellow number. I’ve even gotten some ties from my pop’s equally dapper friend who changes his wardrobe every once in a while so I’ve reaped the benefits of his unworn ties! 😀 And of course I’ve gotten most of them the old-fashioned way, buying them myself haha.

A piece of advice I must give however, is don’t be afraid to try new patterns and colors for your ties. A lot of men may shy away from paisely or plaid ties, but as the old expression goes, don’t knock it till you try it! A funky new tie can inject some life into an old shirt or suit giving you a whole new look! And of course don’t forget a couple of bow ties into your collection, they demonstrate class and style, look great for formal occasions and hell even not so formal ones! BE DIFFERENT!

What’s that? ties are expensive you say? Well if you shop in the wrong stores of course they are! You gotta know where to look! Always be on the lookout for sales (duh) but beware the material of the tie, you want to avoid cheap looking ties which are always made of polyester or a poly-blend, don’t take it just because it’s a low price. What you want to do is look for 100% silk, cotton, wool or linen. (of course a silk/wool or silk/linen blend is fine)  eBay is a great source for ties of all kinds without breaking the bank! See here Of course I can’t talk about ties without mentioning my favorite source for them, The Tie Bar. At $15 a tie you can’t go wrong, and I’m talking quality here. I honestly will rarely buy a tie in a brick and mortar store anymore. My favorite ties from my collection come from there:

That just about wraps it up for me today, have a great weekend everyone stay safe, don’t forget your tie and stay dapper!

The Don