Month: January 2016

Style Trends (And Why You Should Ignore Them)

Good Evening Dapperites,

I hope you all had a great holiday season with your loved ones. I’ll just share a few  sartorial pictures from my holidays to begin this post:


(Psst, check out the holiday sweater knit tie, really proud about that one. Some people think you can only wear it once a year but I’ll probably wear it in the middle of summer, just because I’m the Don and I can dammit!)


Now onto why I’m writing this post. As you know (unless you are living on the planet Jakku, there’s a bone for all you Star Wars geeks!) we are in the year 2016 and with it you can expect to be bombarded with articles from fashion mags and sites proclaiming the “trends” to look for during the year. Well I’m here to tell you read them, take them sumbitches, turn them sideways and stick em straight up your candyass! (Ok don’t literally do that, it will hurt, and some parts of the articles may be useful, just keep reading this post)

Here’s an example of one of those articles from GQ. Now what you must know is that magazines like this (or any magazine for that matter) are also flooded with ads bought and paid for by companies that want you to buy their clothing and buy into trends featured in articles. But since you’ve been reading this blog, you should have a more grounded sense of style than to just follow the newest/latest/hottest trends.

If you have good basic knowledge of style, then you just need to ignore all the perpetuated “trends” that are trying to be forced on you as though you don’t know any better. Sure you can throw a trend or 2 into your outfits, but please do not go out and buy half a new wardrobe just because some magazine told you to. You will just look ridiculous and look like you’re trying too hard. If you want some advice for the new year in style I will rattle off some of my personal style commandments for the new year:

  1. Thou shalt embrace one’s personal style and not rely solely on trends
  2. Thou shalt mix in vintage pieces with modern to achieve a unique personal style
  3. Thou shalt make use of the art of sprezzatura
  4. Thou shalt not copy ridiculously bad celebrity style such as  Jaden Smith (whom GQ has head their head up his ass for a while now)
  5. Thou shalt look for form and function when shopping for items
  6. Thou shalt buy at least one custom made suit (Yes I know cheap plug, but hey it’s my damn blog!)
  7. Thou shalt not wear sneakers with a suit, I don’t care how many times GQ tries to force this look down my throat
  8. Thou shalt eliminate (or re-purpose) items that do not fit anymore, are torn or have holes
  9. Thou shalt dress for the occasion (there is no 1 outfit fits all solution)
  10. Thou shalt dress like a grown man and not try to dress like a teenager

In a nutshell, what I am advocating is for you to be your own man when it comes to your style. Do not let it be dictated by what you see on TV, on magazines and on websites. At the same time however, do not stray off into the zone of ridiculousness:

Untitled drawing


So there you have it folks. My take on why you should ignore what the supposed “trends” are and just build off your own basic knowledge, taking inspiration from here and there but never copy an entire trend list verbatim. You will spend waste money and you WILL look like a complete tool.


Stay dapper my friends!


-The Don 😉


P.S. Look for a very cool feature and event recap for my next post, can’t tell you what it is yet, just wait n read!