Nothing To See Here…Or….?


Hope you’ve all been well. I would just like to share some of my favorite personal looks of mine from the past week and pass along some tips where I see fit. Ready… :

IMG_20150923_161918 IMG_20150923_161952

So we begin with a casual look, chinos, cardigan (fall is in the air!) bright pink shirt to liven up the look and a muted down Italian tie ($2 at a thrift shop) to tie it all in together.


Next is a more casual look, white T-shirt, motorcycle jacket inspired blazer (basically a casual blazer with plenty of silver zippers and timeless blue jeans and a cap to round it out. A real oldschool 1950s inspired rugged outfit.

IMG_20150925_151401 IMG_20150925_155749

Ah, probably my favorite look of the week, my light grey 2 piece suit made into a 3 piece with an off-setting tweed vest with lapels (English inspired) and classic Brooks Brothers white oxford shirt. Style tip alert! adding an off color vest to a suit can really be a nice finishing touch. Topped off with a red silk ancient madder design tie. (Another thrift store find at $3!)


Ahh Fall calls for layering, but not with dull dreary colors in the Don’s book! Blue merino wool v-neck layered under a navy cotton blazer, crisp white shirt and khaki chinos with a muted color tie. Think of it as the American preppy uniform meets Italian boldness! And can’t forget the bright blue socks!


And rounding it out will be a look that lets the bright tie shine! A quiet simple look otherwise, taking navy dress pants with a lighter blue cotton blazer emblazoned with light dots, trusty white oxford and my Miami Dolphins colored tie! Although by the end of the day I wanted to rip it off in disgust and burn it!!! When you have a really cool, bright tie that you want to show off, remember to keep the rest of the look toned down and let the tie shine.

That’ll do it for now, so take some of these tips and integrate them in your wardrobe this week. Until next time…

Stay Dapper my friends!

The Don 😉


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