Weekend in Style Review

When I first started this blog, I used to post often my “look of the day” …lately I’ve strayed from it, so consider this a return!!


Starting with Friday night, a swanky night out to the Plateau Lounge at the W-Hotel in Montreal for a birthday. (My favorite lounge in the city by the way). The key to this look, the white linen blazer of course! Taking a pink patterned dress shirt with a blue plaid tie on royal blue chinos and throwing on the white linen blazer for that touch of summertime pizzazz! Lot’s of people are intimidated by a white jacket or suit, as with most bold looks, confidence is always key!


Saturday was a little more casual night out at the movies. Just rocking a short sleeve denim shirt and navy chinos. I will say this about the denim shirt with 2 pockets, I recommend it, I love it. Always feel like I got that hard working man’s vibe when wearing it. Picked mine up at H&M in NYC last summer but you can find these just about anywhere these days.


And prior to the weekend, I measured up my brother for a custom EPH Apparel  shirt. If you’re like me or him and can never find a perfect fitting suit or shirt off the rack, you definitely need to get in touch with me. Shirts are $64.99 to $84.99 and suits from $300 to $600. Go custom today!


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