Emerging Young Artist Alert!

Good Day to all you Dapperies out there!

Today will be something a little different, rather than writing about style, I want to proudly introduce a colleague/friend of mine who is a great young artist originally from Vancouver, BC now in Ottawa. Her name is Emily Boulton. She is 23 years old and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Currently she is applying for admission to do a Master’s in Landscape Architecture.


Art is something that is in her blood as her great-great aunt was a painter and has works in the National Gallery of Canada archives, mother is also an accomplished artist and so naturally she was inclined to follow the same path. Her favorite artists are Lucian Freud, Mark Rothko and Odilon Redon. Her tastes and inspiration is drawn from a wide range of eras, from the Enlightenment to Romanticism to Modern and Contemporary and is a lover of Immanuel Kant’s Theory of Aesthetics .


What I personally love about her paintings is the use of thick impasto, in which you really see the brushstrokes used to piece together the content as it reminds me of my favorite painter, Van Gogh. But she is not strictly a painter as she has done a number of drawings, most impressive to me are her portraits in which the subjects’ emotions are really captured well. Finally she has also done a few abstract sculptures which really stimulate the imagination as they are open to any interpretation.


All in all, I believe she is a natural talent. But if you are not convinced, see for yourself at her website here. She is truly a lover of art as she never created these pieces with the sole intention of profiting. She also  prefers to stay out of the spotlight but this is my blog and I’ll shine it for her!! If you are reading this Emily, I’ll tell you again you got the talent time to let it shine!!

As always folks, stay dapper 😉 and get some art into your life


The Don


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