The Modern Gentleman

What exactly makes a gentleman these days? Has the true definition of a gentleman been tossed out the window in this day and age, and if not how does one be a gentleman? Sit back, grab your favorite cocktail and cigar and enjoy this read because I’m going to tell you!

1.    Is properly dressed and groomed, shows respect for himself and for others around him.

2.    Treats everyone, especially women, with respect but is not afraid to stand up for himself

3.     Does not gossip, because there are more important things to do.

4.    Is chivalrous, who ever said that it was out of style?

5.   Has family values, never forget where you came from because it made you who you are and will shape the family you will one day have.

6.  Knows how to handle a conflict with class and dignity, will never escalate a situation but de-escalate it.

7.  Takes responsibility for his actions, can admit his shortcomings without blaming anyone else.

8.  Has a passion, whether it be history, art, sports, movies etc, lives his life with a fire in his belly!

9.   Stays true to himself, will never pretend to be someone he’s not just to appease someone’s view of him.

10.  Always strives to better himself, complacency=apathy=lazy. Whether it be going back to school, working towards a promotion, learning a new language or skill.

So you see, being a gentleman is not as hard as it may seem. It requires mostly logical thinking and behaving (something we see too few of nowadays) but it’s time to step up and bring it back, men, you can do this! Ladies, you’ll thank me for this post 😉

Always stay dapper and always…be a real man! be a gentleman!

The Don


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