Style Icons


Good evening ladies and gentlemen


Tonight I would like to share with you my personal style icons. Men that I try to emulate in my style that exude a timeless look that never fades from glory. Whether you admit it or not, we all have icons for the way we dress, and here are mine (in no particular order)



#1  Frank Sinatra 


Mr. Ol’ Blue Eyes gets a nod from me due to the pride he took in his look when appearing in public. He would never be caught out in jeans and a t-shirt, instead favouring tailored suits and tuxedos. That’s why when I go out somewhere special, I always make it a point to dress up and take pride. Of course we cannot forget his trademark fedora worn, always worn cocked at an angle because “angles are attitudes”. 







#2 John F Kennedy 


President Kennedy was one all around cool cat. His style is part of what defined him. He could make a casual outfit look right and make a business suit look cool. Brooks Brothers slim cut suits for work and khakis, sweaters and his trademark Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses for play. He was and still is, the best dressed President.  


Dig this nautical vibe



#3 David Ogilvy


Not too many people may know of this fine British gent, but he was a legend in the world of advertising and he rocked the British gentleman role to a T. As described from the book The Real Mad Men: The Renegades of Madison Avenue and The Golden Age of Advertising, ” He dressed for his parts. He didn’t wear a business suit. Sometimes he dressed as an English country gentleman with his brogues, a tweed jacket and lapels on his vest. Sometimes he wore a kilt, before anyone had ever seen one. Sometimes, at big state occasions, he put on this kind of purple vest that looked vaguely ecclesiastical. But he never wore a normal business suit, never” It is for this reason that he has a spot on my list, Ogilvy marched to the beat of his own drum when it came to style, yet still was not dressed so outrageous that he looked silly. And not to mention that I love that old English gentleman look!




#4 Dwyane Wade/Lebron James

Besides being my favorite basketball players on my favorite team (Go Heat!) These two are also my top dressed athletes in my opinion. Both have been on the cover of GQ, (Wade even has his own line of neckties/bowties/accessories in a collaboration with The Tie Bar) Every time you see them before or after a game or at an event, they are always dressed to the nines. They take their style seriously and it shows. They’re not afraid to experiment with color either and be a little different because, why blend in when you can stand out?






There is my list, short and sweet. Hope you may be able to take some tips from these fine gentlemen that I try to take tips from in my own style. Have a great Sunday night.


Stay Dapper,


The Don


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