To Bow or not to Bow? That is the Question…

Hey Fellow Dappers, I’m back! And today I will be tackling a sometimes controversial topic for menswear today and I’ll tell you why it needs to become a staple in your dappering arsenal. I am talking of course about the one and only bow tie.

“I don’t look good in bow ties!” “I can’t pull it off” “They look weird” are some of the many excuses heard when it comes to rocking a bow tie, but it is a tie that can elevate you fashion-wise. Allow me to explain why.

1. It comes in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns so it can be dressed up or down, as seen by yours truly here:


(both ties did not cost a whole lot by the way, $15 for the one on the left courtesy of The Tie Bar  and $10 for the one on the right via a sale at Simons.)

2. It’s been a staple of every well dressed man throughout the years. Think Sinatra, Dean Martin, JFK, hell go as far back as good ol’ Abe Lincoln!

3. It’s the only tie to wear a tux with! Seriously, when did wearing a standard tie with a tux become acceptable in society?

4. It makes you stand out. Who wants to dress every day just to blend in and be part of the crowd, be daring, be bold! Dare to be dapper 😉

There is one rule I have regarding the bow tie however,


Be a man, buy a self-tie bow tie and learn how to tie it. Took me a while but practice makes perfect and trust me people will notice! Here is one of the many youtube videos to help you out

And if you are worried that the knot doesn’t look “perfect” or as tight as a pre-tied, don’t be! A little bit of imperfection is part of the self-tie’s charm 😉

So go ahead don’t be shy, you CAN rock this look, all it takes is a deep breath of confidence, you’ll look awesome, seriously.

Stay dapper,

The Don


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