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Good day to all, today I will be doing something a little different, giving a quick review of a couple of my favorite products. The products of the day is Murray’s Pomade/Murray’s Hair Glo.

Now if you have the same style hair that I do (which you should! let go of that same style you’ve had since high school already!), that is a good ol’ classic side-part or slick look, you need to have these products in your arsenal. Let me explain why.

The texture and composition of these products will not leave the hair feeling hardened or stiff, but soft and pliable. These products were originally made with the idea that they will stay in for days, and this is especially true for the original pomade product. You can wash your hair out and still be able to style it the next day without re-applying. Another reason why I really love these products is because it leaves that nice slick wet-look. What I like to do it mix in both, using the pomade for hold and the hair-glo for that wet shiny look of the 50s.

The results of using both the Hair-Glo and Pomade mixed


As for the ingredients of these products, the original pomade consists of 3, petroleum, mineral oil and fragrance (which is a sweet, yet manly smell). 3 simple ingredients which have stayed the same for over 80 years. The Hair-Glo contains coconut oil and lanolin, no wax, it has a soft texture easy to rub in the hair. 
How to use: 
For the original pomade, use best on towel-dried or damp hair. Take a small amount and rub palms together to heat and soften the product (or melt it with a blow-dryer). Apply it by massaging it into your hair and use a fine-toothed comb to take out the excess. If you like, run some warm/hot water in your hair to help remove the excess. Comb and style as desired. (Tip: to wash it off your hands, use dish soap, this stuff really sticks!)
For the Hair-Glo, use on dry or damp (I prefer damp) take a small amount, rub between palms and run through hair, style with a comb. Or just use it to give a shiny coat over your hair after using the original pomade. 
Now of course these products are not without some downsides. For one, if you’re like me and have sensitive skin, the ingredients in the products may cause minor breakouts on the forehead. Another, for the pomade is that to use it, you need to hold a blow-dryer over it to kind of melt it in order manipulate it with your hands which can get a little annoying. 
Final thoughts:
These are both great products which have been around since 1925, so they have withstood the test of time. For the price (around 3-4$) they offer great value in comparison to modern hair grooming products I have come across so even if you try it and don’t like it, not much is lost. You can buy online directly at  or if you are in my area of Montreal, Pharmaprix carries it in the ethnic hair care section.
Hope you all had a great weekend and as always, stay dapper 😉
The Don


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