Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

So this past weekend was one that was filled with shopping for the Don. While I should start Christmas shopping for others, I couldn’t resist the urge to line my closet with a couple of more things before worrying about what to buy everyone else.

It all began Friday evening where I was able to snag a quality green merino wool v-neck on special for $20 at H&M

To my right is my equally dapper cousin, runs in the family!

Now, I had no intention of purchasing anything that day but my lovely girlfriend (pays to have a great woman with a keen eye for men’s fashion!) turned my attention to it and for that price, can’t say no!

Sunday afternoon is where I discovered the jackpot of deals and would have spent a lotttt of dough (if I had it!) . I was able to snag 3 quality items, a red italian made merino wool crewneck sweater, a silk knit tie and a wool knit tie for under $50 after taxes. Where did I find these you ask? For those of you from the Montreal area, check out the old Zellers store in Montreal North in Place Bourassa (Henri Bourassa corner Lacordaire) which until January serves a liquidation outlet for The Bay, or Hudson’s Bay as it is now called. The deals there will knock your socks off (cashmere sweaters for 41.99!) Pictured below is my haul

And I can’t go through a post about tie purchases without including the arrival of my latest order from the fine folks over at The Tie Bar! Total cost again under $50

A beautiful diamond tipped wool bow tie, a wool pocket square and glen plaid wool skinny tie, tis the season for it! Can’t wait to rock em to my holiday parties! 

So there you have it, a few places to get great deals on things you need to look your best, before going out and buying gifts for a bunch of people, go out n buy a gift for yourself, the gift of dapperness 😉

The Don


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