Don Recommends..

As some of you may know, I can be a very oldschool kind of guy. And one of the oldschool things I do is go to an old barbershop that has been around for about 35 years with the same 2 guys who started it.

The name of this place is Montallegro Barber Shop (located at 7244 Hutchinson in Montreal, corner Jean Talon). I’ve been going to them for about a year now, and am very satisfied with their work. Run by two brothers, Giovanni and Joe, these guys have it right. They do cuts and shaves, and a Chinese woman who does the shampoos/scalp massages, (honestly, she’s awesome those massages nearly put me right to sleep). She also does manicures (guys, there’s no shame in taking care of your hands!). A cut and a shampoo will run you $25, which is great considering the price I hear some guys pay to get their hair cut in salons. And occasionally they’ll even get you an espresso from the bar next door! 

Here’s their latest work done on me:

There’s something manly about getting your hair cut at a good old barbershop, maybe its the smell, chatting with the barbers, the other customers, or the true service you get. Whatever it may be, I certainly recommend it! 
The Don

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