Collection Corner: Ties! TIes! Ties!

Good Saturday Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Don’s Collection Corner, today I’ll be showing off my tie collection.

As I’ve said before, ties are a great way to look sharp, dapper, stand out or blend in, whatever you choose! They come in all kinds of materials (silk, wool, cotton, linen, knitted silk, knitted cotton, knitted wool!) and widths, (skinny, standard, super skinny, bow ties) And the patterns, gotta love the patterns! (stripes, plaids, dots, paisley, solids)

Here is a look at my personal collection:

32 count em, 32 ties and counting! How have I acquired all these ties? Some of them, such as the light blue in the top left corner, I’ve had for years but rarely wear now, others I’ve gotten them handed down from my pops, such as the sharp yellow number. I’ve even gotten some ties from my pop’s equally dapper friend who changes his wardrobe every once in a while so I’ve reaped the benefits of his unworn ties! 😀 And of course I’ve gotten most of them the old-fashioned way, buying them myself haha.

A piece of advice I must give however, is don’t be afraid to try new patterns and colors for your ties. A lot of men may shy away from paisely or plaid ties, but as the old expression goes, don’t knock it till you try it! A funky new tie can inject some life into an old shirt or suit giving you a whole new look! And of course don’t forget a couple of bow ties into your collection, they demonstrate class and style, look great for formal occasions and hell even not so formal ones! BE DIFFERENT!

What’s that? ties are expensive you say? Well if you shop in the wrong stores of course they are! You gotta know where to look! Always be on the lookout for sales (duh) but beware the material of the tie, you want to avoid cheap looking ties which are always made of polyester or a poly-blend, don’t take it just because it’s a low price. What you want to do is look for 100% silk, cotton, wool or linen. (of course a silk/wool or silk/linen blend is fine)  eBay is a great source for ties of all kinds without breaking the bank! See here Of course I can’t talk about ties without mentioning my favorite source for them, The Tie Bar. At $15 a tie you can’t go wrong, and I’m talking quality here. I honestly will rarely buy a tie in a brick and mortar store anymore. My favorite ties from my collection come from there:

That just about wraps it up for me today, have a great weekend everyone stay safe, don’t forget your tie and stay dapper!

The Don


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