Sock it to me Baby!

Hello and a belated Happy Halloween to all! Been out of commission for a few days but I’m back now so let’s rock out with our socks out!

Today I’ll be touching upon a little accessory to an outfit that I feel is under-utilized and/or scrutinized by “rules”. Well saddle up because you’re in for a little awakening!

Too often I come across men wearing rather bland socks: black, black with argyle, black with dots, etc.
And often I hear about how socks should match something in your outfit, color of your tie, pocket square, shirt, and so on. Well I’m here to say that those rules should be thrown out the window

Observe part of my personal collection:

As you can see I have some socks that are more traditional and conservative to slightly different to what I like to call my f-you socks at the far right, because some rules are meant to be broken!!!!

So go nuts! Inject some life into an otherwise bland part of your outfit. Stand out, dare to be different….dare to be dapper 😉

The Don


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