All About the Layers!

The Don is back after a one day layoff (due to lack of phone) and running around trying to get it repaired but that’s a story for another day! Hope you’ve all been well and welcome to the latest entry of Dapperness.

Today will be focused on layering, its fall after all and its got to be the best season to use layering due to the constant changes in temperature. So rather than blabbing on about it, let me show you first:

Now not sound cocky, but hey I am the Don after all! This has got to be one of my best and favorite looks. What we have here is layering and fashion 101. This outfit is almost entirely from H&M. Now some people might think H&M is bad quality, but depends what you buy from there, I personally find the fit to be good for my frame and the prices decent. Again the key to this look is muted colors for the shirt, pants, blazer, tie and pocket square. And the finishing touch is the blue merino wool v-neck sweater. It makes the perfect layering piece because of its thin, fine material and gives the entire look pop.

When layering, just remember the basics, thin layers go under thicker ones. Keep the outer layer hem longer than the inner, your shirt peeking out under your sweater will NOT make you look cool! Also, each piece should be able to be worn on their own and pick ONE bright color to wear as seen above, no need to be looking like a rainbow out in public unless of course… um nevermind!

So go nuts, have fun with layering! A vest under your blazer or cardigan, all under an overcoat, a v-neck over your shirt under your suit, why not! Just try and look like this, and not like a fake gangster wearing a basketball jersey over a hoodie.

And just for fun let me throw in the bottom look of the outfit:

Can never go wrong with brown brogues, and colorful socks are always fun!

That will just about wrap it up, the weekend is almost here! Stay safe and look dapper 😉

The Don


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