Hello everyone and welcome to the first post of Don Dapper. Consider this an introductory post as to what you can expect from me. Be prepared for me to showcase my different looks, thoughts and opinions on menswear, how men dress in the real world sprinkled in with my personal interests in cigars, cocktails, sports and anything else I feel like putting my two cents in on!

Now let’s kick it off with my look of the day for yesterday:

Nothing fancy here just simple rules to live by, keep the shirt and suit muted down, and give it a pop of color with the tie, seen here is my grey Banana Republic suit, white french cuff shirt with a spread collar (remember spread collar = big tie knot) white silk pocket square and the finisher, paisley silk Ralph Lauren tie bursting with color!

And here is that same look over 17 hours later!

The end of a long day and week capped off with a glass (ok it was 3) of Bowmore’s Scotch with its beautiful smoky taste. Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @ amocella


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