Month: October 2013

Overview on the Interview

Maybe you just finished school and are headed in search of a job in the real world. Maybe you are unemployed and looking to re-enter the job market, or maybe you just need a change. In any case you need to look sharp for the job search and interview process. Here’s how to do it:

1- That same haircut you’ve had since high school, you know, the spikes, or the mohawk or the bedhead look, snap out of it! You don’t look”cool” and at this age, it’s not about looking cool, its about looking classy and respectable. Visit a barbershop, yes I said barber and not a salon, men know how to cut men’s hair properly and ask for a classic side part, something like this. It’s timeless, and demands respect.

2-Wear a suit! And make sure it fits! If you have only one suit and it doesn’t quite fit right, use that tailor! Get the hem done, take in the extra material on the legs, arms, and torso and have the sleeves shortened if needed. Consider this, two guys go in for an interview, you tell me who looks more prepared and confident…exactly. And another thing to keep in mind, leave the black suit at home. Save it for formal events, for jobs, you want to go with navy, grey, or charcoal.

3-Shirt and tie! This should seem obvious but what I’m getting at is the the color of the shirt and knot of the tie. Remember the yellow shirt and yellow tie you wore to your prom? Burn it! Not appropriate for the adult world. Keep the shirt crisp white, with a spread collar, and the tie? Go for a power color like red with a subtle pattern, and use a nice powerful knot like the windsor or half windsor shown here:

Shameless plug, this was my look of the day!

4-Shine your shoes! Nothing looks worse than scuffed shoes worn with a nice suit. Refer back to previous posts for more on that.

5-Groom yourself! Cut your nails, shave or trim that beard to a respectable level. You’re not trying to be a member of the 2013 Red Sox, you’re trying to land a job!

6-After all that, you should be looking good and feeling confident about yourself, now go out there and show em what you’re made of junior!

Now maybe you’re wondering why I chose this topic. I chose it because I had an interview of my own today and reflected back on previous interviews I’ve had and come to realize that a few of my recent jobs were landed because I was as confident as ever due to being well-dressed and proper. I live by the motto “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. After all don’t you think a man like Roger Sterling would look as convincing and confident in a T-shirt and jeans? Didn’t think so.

Thanks for reading, look good, feel good, be dapper!

The Don


All About the Layers!

The Don is back after a one day layoff (due to lack of phone) and running around trying to get it repaired but that’s a story for another day! Hope you’ve all been well and welcome to the latest entry of Dapperness.

Today will be focused on layering, its fall after all and its got to be the best season to use layering due to the constant changes in temperature. So rather than blabbing on about it, let me show you first:

Now not sound cocky, but hey I am the Don after all! This has got to be one of my best and favorite looks. What we have here is layering and fashion 101. This outfit is almost entirely from H&M. Now some people might think H&M is bad quality, but depends what you buy from there, I personally find the fit to be good for my frame and the prices decent. Again the key to this look is muted colors for the shirt, pants, blazer, tie and pocket square. And the finishing touch is the blue merino wool v-neck sweater. It makes the perfect layering piece because of its thin, fine material and gives the entire look pop.

When layering, just remember the basics, thin layers go under thicker ones. Keep the outer layer hem longer than the inner, your shirt peeking out under your sweater will NOT make you look cool! Also, each piece should be able to be worn on their own and pick ONE bright color to wear as seen above, no need to be looking like a rainbow out in public unless of course… um nevermind!

So go nuts, have fun with layering! A vest under your blazer or cardigan, all under an overcoat, a v-neck over your shirt under your suit, why not! Just try and look like this, and not like a fake gangster wearing a basketball jersey over a hoodie.

And just for fun let me throw in the bottom look of the outfit:

Can never go wrong with brown brogues, and colorful socks are always fun!

That will just about wrap it up, the weekend is almost here! Stay safe and look dapper 😉

The Don

Tie it up Tuesday

Hello to everyone, hope you all had a great day and it’s now time for the latest installment from the Don. Today I’ll be focusing on different ties for different seasons of the year, and fall has to be one of my favorites for this, so without further adieu:

As we can see here, a lot of grey was going on today but here is the key to pulling that off, different patterns and different shades of grey are the key to avoid looking like you dressed up as Smoke. And of course using the red tie (which I will get more into later) as the stand out piece just really puts it all together.

and the bottom part of the outfit:

black and red argyle socks with the classic, black lace-ups, this kind of shoes goes with anything under the sun, everyone should have a pair just remember to polish them properly every once in a while!

Back to the tie, with fall hitting and the temperatures going down here in Montreal, I like to bust out my wool and knitted ties. Today was the first day since last winter that I busted out my red plaid wool tie.
When the cool weather hits, it’s a good thing to mix it up with the material of your ties, don’t always limit yourself to striped silk, go nuts with wools and tweeds, mixing it up with plaid or houndstooth patterns, once again my go to supply for those kinds of ties is The Tie Bar. They’ll give some texture to your ties and that is definitely not a bad thing!

The neat thing about this tie is that it’s vintage as evidenced on the label, and it cost me only $10 on eBay, going to show once again that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, pre-owned ties can be had on the cheap on eBay and still look good today.

That just about wraps it up for today, stay cool folks, and as always, look dapper!

The Don

Masterful Monday

Hope everyone had a great weekend, now it’s time for the Don’s 3rd post!

Getting it started is the look of the day:

This look here will go to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. The blue checkered shirt was picked up on special a few years ago, $10 to be exact (reg price $100) silk knit gold tie picked up for $7.99 on special at The Bay or Hudson’s Bay as its called these days, cardigan $50 at Banana Republic Factory Store (they got a lot of great stuff) check them out in Laval or Vaudreuil. (note the bottom and top buttons undone) Grey trousers picked up for $12.99, also at the Factory Store and my go to brown brogues from Zara, and I believed I paid them around $60. And last but not least a silver slide clasp tie bar to hold down the tie, $15 from TheTieBar, this company is my absolute favorite for ties and accessories, CHECK THEM OUT! ( Now one thing to point out, something I haven’t had a chance to do yet is to get the pants a little tailored, I like my pants to be tailored with little to no break at the bottom. Every man should know a great tailor, a few adjustments can make a $200 suit look like a million. Bottom line of all this, it doesn’t take a ton of money to look good, just know where to look and if you see something that you like on special, buy it! Stock up on different colors if you can as well!

Onto part 2 of this post I will reveal my Monday morning ritual (nothing dirty.. Unless of course I’ve packed down chili, nachos and beer right before bed the night before!) Of course I’m talking about a good ol’ manly shave!

Yes, I shave like a grandpa. But let me tell you it saves a hell of a lot of money in the long run and feels better than any other shave, except of course a good old barber shave. Allow me to elaborate. I first use a hot towel on my face to open the pores and get those whiskers loosened up then rub a little pre-shave oil from eShave, picked up for $20 at Stroked Ego, a great little men’s shop in Ottawa, I always stop by and pick something up when I’m there. The oil lubricates the beard a little bit. Then I run my badger hair shaving brush, also picked up at Stroked Ego for about $60 and run it inside my tub of Proraso shaving soap. After lathering my face, I go to town with my 1960s Gillette safety razor, ($10 on eBay) always with a Sharks razor blade, at that price for 100 blades, you have enough to last at least one year! After 2 passes of the razor, a rinse of cold water (to close the pores) and going over any nicks with a styptic pencil I go for my splash of old school Aqua Velva aftershave, costs $5 but gets the job done. When that’s all done I feel like a true man and I’m ready to get out there and start my day!

So that’s all for today Ladies and Gents, stay cool, stay dapper!

The Don

Weekend Review

@$#%$%#^^$@#!!!! My feelings on the Dolphins game for earlier today.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me continue by offering up my look of the night for last night:

Not as “dapper” as Friday’s look but hey the wardrobe can’t always be full of suits! Finally got to rock my new Aldo boots from the Mr. B’s line, they are great quality they got some great shoes and accessories at decent prices, check them out! the rest of the outfit consisted of dark blue skinny jeans from H&M (if you’re still wearing the distressed washed denim look, please stop! and dress your age) black and white checkered casual shirt picked up at Old Navy and my military-style Jack & Jones jacket. Note the cuffed look on the jeans which is always good to rock when wearing boots, gives it a touch of flair!

After this photo was taken my Saturday night adventure began, to make a long story short there was not a seat nor parking for us at 4 restaurants we tried to go to and by the time we settled at one and ate it was past 10 p.m! At least I got to try a new whisky! Wiser’s Small Batch, a Canadian whisky with quite a smooth silky taste.( Quite a night to say the least.

Now for a guy called Don Dapper, this Sunday look may shock you all:

Yup, nothing dapper about this look, but let me be clear, the only time to rock sweatpants and a football jersey is if you’re home watching the game, or at the game itself! There’s nothing cool about rocking baggy sweatpants hanging off your ass and an oversized jersey in public unless you’re in a street gang. My regular Sunday uniform consists of this as I am usually at home watching my beloved (and frustrating) Dolphins and getting things done around the house.

That’s it for tonight folks! Stay cool, stay dapper!

The Don

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post of Don Dapper. Consider this an introductory post as to what you can expect from me. Be prepared for me to showcase my different looks, thoughts and opinions on menswear, how men dress in the real world sprinkled in with my personal interests in cigars, cocktails, sports and anything else I feel like putting my two cents in on!

Now let’s kick it off with my look of the day for yesterday:

Nothing fancy here just simple rules to live by, keep the shirt and suit muted down, and give it a pop of color with the tie, seen here is my grey Banana Republic suit, white french cuff shirt with a spread collar (remember spread collar = big tie knot) white silk pocket square and the finisher, paisley silk Ralph Lauren tie bursting with color!

And here is that same look over 17 hours later!

The end of a long day and week capped off with a glass (ok it was 3) of Bowmore’s Scotch with its beautiful smoky taste. Have a great weekend everyone!

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